Acrylic Paintings

Spring Dots                                           Organic Theatre
spring-dots                                                                             organic-theatre

Colori Romani          Rome
Colori Romani                                                           Rome

Vittoriano                                               Strada Romana    Vittoriano                                                                                  Stada Romana

London Docklands          Thames Pillars
London Docklands                                               Thames Pillars

Stag          Recollection  stag                                                                            Recollection


  1. Greetings from Italy! Best compliments and wishes for your beautiful artworks. Also, thank you very much for your like on “Leadership”, “Welcome new neighbors” and for visiting my art activities on


  2. wow you are a good painter ( and photographer too)! I’ll try to visit your site often to learn from it. And thanx for visiting my blog and liking my painting ‘Untitled “. :)


  3. Thank you again and stopping by my blog to like more of my paintings. It’s therapy for me to paint. I just picked it up again this year after a more than 30 year absence of it. The difference is I’m doing acrylic on wood now. I still love watercolor though. P.S I lived in England for 4 years when I was in the military. Perhaps I will paint something from there. Love the castles and countryside in England. Take care….Kevin

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