1. First thing, many compliments for your blog! My thanks for your very kind Like on my post “Rocks and roll your eyes”, shown on my blog dispenza.wordpress.com. With best regards and I wish you all the best over the holiday season. Edoardo

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  2. Awesome painting at your welcome page. Really love the bright colors and the look of it. Grat blog, ill look around some more and check out your work. The first few posts look great, so i’m sure i’ll find more nice work :)


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  3. Hi, all your works are really lovely! I love the bright colors in your paintings and how they seem to dance. :) Thank you for visiting my blog. As a new blogger, I was thrilled that you enjoyed finding my posts, and it gave me this wonderful opportunity to happen upon yours!

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  4. Thank you for liking my Cane Creek Falls painting, I love your work. I don’t know why I call it work? To me painting is a fun outlet, and a great way to express how you feel on canvas. You are an excellent painter!


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